Mission make Mum's Famous!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Me I did good got loads of great toys. Sadly no diamond collar this year. I was told she has to be a famous writer before I can get one. Well, I kind of thought she was. But I was wrong. I guess I think that she is cuz she is my Mummy & I love her.
So this year I will make her famous. I would kindly ask all anipals who read her book go check the like button and have Mum or Dad write a great review saying you loved it. I know you did cuz so many of  said so to me! So our anipal mission this year make Mum's famous. So if your Mum writes, makes things what ever let's make them famous. OH and always review positive things to for them. Let's face it they take such good care of us. I will also pass on any link for you to make Mum's Famous here on blog or on my twitter! So let me hear from you!
Rag's Mum great writer. Missy's Mum is an expert on olden people care. Mizz Bassie's Mum OMD the necklace I got is faboo beyond words! Oh and Daffy's Mum can make you the best Stationary you ever wrote on. 
So you know where to get gifts. Go shop and pass on the links. Because we are anipals and we support each other! Thank you all so much for your love to me and your help!

Happy New Years! We are gonna make the Mum's Famous!



I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays! May you all be safe and healthy this season.
Thank you for the love and support you give me.

Love to you all.
Princess Gwenie


Tiffany's Catalog is here!

TaDa the catalog of my dreams is here! I am searching the pages for DIAMOND COLLARS!!!  I so want one even if she says no I don't need one. Anyway help me get a DIAMOND COLLAR have all your parents pass on my blog so I can sell enough books to get one.
OH just told to cool my jets. And not be a brat.

I will keep looking at it.


I am trying to do Magic!

TaDa she got me a wand! Just like on the Harry Potter movies. I have one now just like Herminone Grangers! So if you get a treat its me!  POOF treats for every anipal on earth!
TaDa you need one too! So what do you think?


Holiday's coming!

It's that time of year again to shop for the holidays! So as anipals please shop with Anipals Mum's first for new items and books that will delight your family and furiends! 

So if you need books, jewelry, Pet toys, Portraits,  and Stationary you can't go wrong with these links!
Check them today! Shop at home in your Jammies! If I forgot someone let me know! Leave it in the comments please! Happy Shopping! 


Book Chat Fun!

Thank you all for coming to Book Chat. I hope you had as much fun as we did!
Next time we will have even more fun! And Mum wont be sick! BOL
Thank you all for the love and support you give me!


Book Pawty! Just for fun! Coffin blog hop too!

So me and the Pink Pups girls were driving about when we heard about #BookChat its this coming Saturday Oct. 29th afternoon 5 pm EST. It's a fun pawty where you can win prizes! Nope not you give but given too! So Drinks, Noms, DJ's and pawty just for fun. So come out and shake your bunny bum with me! Barooooooooooooooo!

Oh if you like the pic go visit http://www.natalieannsilva.com/ 

Also don't forget to follow Blondie and Rags Mums they are doing CoffinBlogHop and so many cool things there to see! A week of spooky good fun Starting on Monday the 24th!

Can't wait to see you there!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everypaw!
I wanted to send you all a special card. So here it is to you. I saw so many cool ones. Well, I picked this one.
Princess Gwenie

Oh, she is doing this thing called Coffin Hop, go visit it!


Faboo Book Signing! Oh! It's Halloween time too!

I have been super duper busy! Well, I did a guest bloggy for PumpkinPuddy and you so need to read this blog!


Book signing was cool she got to meet Puppy the Guinea Pig Girl! She is super nice lady too! 

Halloween Village is up. As some know its her hobby. OMD she loves it. It lights up and makes sounds!

We also moved Bigbro too to Phoenix he has a job there!
Next it's Halloween! I love it. So what are you doing on Halloween? I want pictures furiends!


Book signing!

HI everypaw!

Well Books signing is Oct. 8,   6 to 8 pm 
At:   The Source
         3382 E, Speedway
         Tucson, Az

If you do not have a book you can get one there & she will sign it! Maybe a surprise too! Please come out if you can! You get to meet Mum.

TaDa Me!


Weekend trip!

Hi everyone! I had a long weekend on road trip! I went to Phoenix! A book shop will be carrying my Mums book! So cool!
Well, back here in Tucson you must come to her Books signing! Yes, I said book signing! You can get the book then & a bookmark too! So come & see her on Oct. 8th between 6-8 pm. It will be at The Source on Speedway. Hope you come, if you ask her maybe I can come too! She will sign your book & chat to you! I will be sure she takes pictures!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

So what are you doing?



Its out, go get it! Haunted bedtime Stories in paperback! Its perfect you will love it!


Ok, she read it to me it is so Faboo! 

I love the cover!


Soon Halloween!

Hi everyone! OK so soon it will be Halloween! Now I need to think about a costume! I say anything but no hats for me! I hate hats. 
Now I also need a costume for my parents! She likes hats. Any suggestions are welcome!
So in just 2 weeks the Halloween Village goes up. I am being a good girl cuz we all know the  great pumpkin is coming and I want prezzies! As you know only good girls and boys get gifts!
So we will know soon when the paperback book is out! I will have the links asap for you. Its very exciting!

Last year! Whats new this year!



Hi all! I am Faboo! She got the proof copy of her paperback book! Well, I am helping her with proof reading!
So the links are on the side bar to get your copy of her Ebook. I will let you know the minute I do when we can all get a paperback copy! So exciting! 
So if you are reading it tell me what you thinks!

Me & book!


Haunted Bedtime Stories Is now out to buy! Labor Day Sale!

So I didn't make 100 sales for my Mum by tea on Friday. I tried real too.  So no T-Bone steak for me. I never had a whole one of any steak in my life. I will get a bite of burger tonight. Thank you to all who helped me! 

Well, lets keep going and try to sell 100 ASAP!!!

So please help me sell her book. It's not for little kids it is for grown ups. If I make her famous maybe I will get a T-Bone and the diamond collar of my dreams!

The Book is on sale for 99¢ until Monday night so go get your copy!

                                  US  amzn.to/oplT5A

                                  UK amzn.to/qtVcpS

                                  DE amzn.to/pQSCOk



The book is out! Haunted Bedtime Stories!

Hi Everyone! OK so the book is out and I was told if I sell 100 books by Friday dinner/tea time she will get me a T-Bone Steak. I need steak I am fur n bones you can see that in my pic's! So if you would all be so kind and tell every human you know about the books and give em links please. I never had a whole T-Bone in my life! So go to either link and get you copy today!


See Fur n Bones!


My Happy Birthday! Prezies I got!

I want to Thank you all for the wonderful Birthday wishes! I am now 4 hard to believe. I will be having a pawty soon as we get her book out! Haunted Bedtime Stories is done just polishing and preparing for ebook and print!

Well, anyway here is what I got:

As you can see I got good stuff for my Birthday!
Thank you for all your love to me!
OK so coming soon Haunted Bedtime Stories, Stay tuned!

Say hi to me here and on Twitter anytime!


Faboo Ties!

OMD so in the post this week Mrs. Samantha gave this to me! OK so as you all know I do love PINK a tiny bit! I just love this it's so cute and it makes me look very posh!

I love to share all my tips of cool anipal stuff! 


What can I say! I look FABOO! So will you too in this tie! TATA for now!



Time for us all to start singing! So many anipal Birthdays this month! It's going to be a Faboo time!

Here we go Birthdays so go say Hi & Happy Birthday to each of them!

Ody my baby brofur, you know him as OdyMaltese on twitter! Aug. 14.

Snoop one of my dearest furiends who I have known so long! MisterSnoop on twitter! Aug. 13.

Princess Gwenie me too! Aug.18

I have a prizzie coming from SugarChic she hopes. It was ordered over a month ago & fears we will never get it. Hmm If you have bought stuff from them let me know how it went. I will show you my Birthday stuff when and if it comes.

I am still trying to cure Blondie. I have a busy 4 day weekend with my family. I hope to get her book out in next 2 weeks! So lets get ready to read! Haunted Bedtime Stories is a collection of real cool stories with ghosts! Not all real scary! So until her next book is out all her profits from Dust of Tombstone will go to an anipal charity!

So whats up with you? Holiday pics? Reading anything cool? 

Me taking care of my Blondie! I love her! TaTa for now!


Champagne Pawty!

 Are you going on a summer holiday? I sadly am not yet. Now if I were to go I think I want to go to visit all my anipals! Yes, you! I have no idea which one of you to visit first. So I thought I would sit inside and have a picnic. I had BigBro get me milkbones and Champagne! So who's coming to pawty?

Pink Pups I need you to come over and Pawty. The pool will be filled and the Champagne will be chilled OH and the noms will be the best!