Champagne Pawty!

 Are you going on a summer holiday? I sadly am not yet. Now if I were to go I think I want to go to visit all my anipals! Yes, you! I have no idea which one of you to visit first. So I thought I would sit inside and have a picnic. I had BigBro get me milkbones and Champagne! So who's coming to pawty?

Pink Pups I need you to come over and Pawty. The pool will be filled and the Champagne will be chilled OH and the noms will be the best!


  1. A champayn pawty iz just teh purrfikt thing Gwenie! I izn't a pup but Iz a Pink Lady, duz that cownt?

  2. I think a weekend of reading is just what the dog ordered...Dust of Tombstone was a really fun read Gwenie...tell UR mum we are waiting for her new book...SUMMER READING IN THE POOL - yeah...Missy