Champagne Pawty!

 Are you going on a summer holiday? I sadly am not yet. Now if I were to go I think I want to go to visit all my anipals! Yes, you! I have no idea which one of you to visit first. So I thought I would sit inside and have a picnic. I had BigBro get me milkbones and Champagne! So who's coming to pawty?

Pink Pups I need you to come over and Pawty. The pool will be filled and the Champagne will be chilled OH and the noms will be the best!


Faboo Friday Sale!

HI how are you doing? I am Faboo! So tomorrow is Faboo Friday & Bigbro and said you need a sale on books! You can read them on your computer, iphone, Androids or ebook. Go read

Dust of Tombstone it's not a western, just a ghosts story! http://amzn.to/ogPXEY 

Or a cool Dime Store Novel! 

I would love to see your blogs and fun stuff too! What are you doing? Now time for me to go sit by the pool and sip Champagne!

Me & Bigbro, making sure pool has cold water to chill my Champagne!


Hi everyone! How are you this #Marvelous Day? OK so we showed stuff to our Mum's how about stuff for us! Here are three of my fave places online to shop! All cool! All good! We deserve cool stuff too!

http://www.nipandbones.com/dog-supplies_dog-toys.html  WOW all kinds of Stuff for Puppy's & Kitteh's! I got my best, favorite ball from here & my way cool Jogging Jacket too!

http://www.vegasrockdog.com/   Super cool Rock Stuff! Love the ties!

https://www.sugarchiccouture.com/   Posh things we all need!

So have you had a chance to see the teaser of the book cover? It looks Faboo! You Know Muffy's Mum made it. She is a talent artist. 

http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/ghostofthewind  go see & comment please!

http://www.natalieannsilva.com/index.html  you can see Natalie's cool work here. 

I will see you today on twitter! So now its time for Tea and to relax! So Shop till you drop furiends! Ta Ta for now!


Its #FABOO Friday!

Hello everyone! This is my FABOO Friday to you! OK so I have such a busy day ahead of me but I had to say Hi. I have to make her do her #amwriting.
I also found some way cool things for you to check out! You will love this stuff & we need to support all things Girly. OK so you guys need to get fun gifts so grab the CC and shop till you drop!
Paws High, Paws low, Wild Puppy Run, Shake my bunny Bum! Baroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Again!
Have a Fab day & check out these shops!

http://bit.ly/pK7jIU OK Jewelry!

http://bit.ly/oEVccs  Art!

http://bit.ly/r8A0UG TaDa Hats!

So What are you up too this weekend? May I suggest sitting by or in the pool sipping Champagne & shopping! 
TaTa for now!


BigBro is a helper!

TaDa as you can see my BigBro fixed the mistakes I made! So lets give him a big Thank You!
I have a busy day taking care of Mummy. I did read one of her short stories very cool! No spoilers!
I had to supervise BigBro with the grocery's, I licked the meat packages make sure those were OK to Nom! BOL! BOL!
So what's up with you? Do you have any holiday pictures? How about cool blogs for me?
See you Later Kisses and TaTa for now!!!


TaDa Pink Pups Rock!

Hi everypaw!
Here is my blog, at long last. I am taking good care of Mummy. We have been doing some work on her next book "Haunted Bedtime Stories" you are going to love it. Yes, its about ghosts and some are real funny, some are touching and some scary!
I would love to see your summer holiday pictures and stories too. So come out and share with everyone. If you have a blog or website send it to me!
Today I will sit in my pool and sip Pink Champagne.
What are you doing today?