Book Chat Fun!

Thank you all for coming to Book Chat. I hope you had as much fun as we did!
Next time we will have even more fun! And Mum wont be sick! BOL
Thank you all for the love and support you give me!


Book Pawty! Just for fun! Coffin blog hop too!

So me and the Pink Pups girls were driving about when we heard about #BookChat its this coming Saturday Oct. 29th afternoon 5 pm EST. It's a fun pawty where you can win prizes! Nope not you give but given too! So Drinks, Noms, DJ's and pawty just for fun. So come out and shake your bunny bum with me! Barooooooooooooooo!

Oh if you like the pic go visit http://www.natalieannsilva.com/ 

Also don't forget to follow Blondie and Rags Mums they are doing CoffinBlogHop and so many cool things there to see! A week of spooky good fun Starting on Monday the 24th!

Can't wait to see you there!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everypaw!
I wanted to send you all a special card. So here it is to you. I saw so many cool ones. Well, I picked this one.
Princess Gwenie

Oh, she is doing this thing called Coffin Hop, go visit it!


Faboo Book Signing! Oh! It's Halloween time too!

I have been super duper busy! Well, I did a guest bloggy for PumpkinPuddy and you so need to read this blog!


Book signing was cool she got to meet Puppy the Guinea Pig Girl! She is super nice lady too! 

Halloween Village is up. As some know its her hobby. OMD she loves it. It lights up and makes sounds!

We also moved Bigbro too to Phoenix he has a job there!
Next it's Halloween! I love it. So what are you doing on Halloween? I want pictures furiends!