Tiffany's Catalog is here!

TaDa the catalog of my dreams is here! I am searching the pages for DIAMOND COLLARS!!!  I so want one even if she says no I don't need one. Anyway help me get a DIAMOND COLLAR have all your parents pass on my blog so I can sell enough books to get one.
OH just told to cool my jets. And not be a brat.

I will keep looking at it.


I am trying to do Magic!

TaDa she got me a wand! Just like on the Harry Potter movies. I have one now just like Herminone Grangers! So if you get a treat its me!  POOF treats for every anipal on earth!
TaDa you need one too! So what do you think?


Holiday's coming!

It's that time of year again to shop for the holidays! So as anipals please shop with Anipals Mum's first for new items and books that will delight your family and furiends! 

So if you need books, jewelry, Pet toys, Portraits,  and Stationary you can't go wrong with these links!
Check them today! Shop at home in your Jammies! If I forgot someone let me know! Leave it in the comments please! Happy Shopping!