The book is out! Haunted Bedtime Stories!

Hi Everyone! OK so the book is out and I was told if I sell 100 books by Friday dinner/tea time she will get me a T-Bone Steak. I need steak I am fur n bones you can see that in my pic's! So if you would all be so kind and tell every human you know about the books and give em links please. I never had a whole T-Bone in my life! So go to either link and get you copy today!


See Fur n Bones!


My Happy Birthday! Prezies I got!

I want to Thank you all for the wonderful Birthday wishes! I am now 4 hard to believe. I will be having a pawty soon as we get her book out! Haunted Bedtime Stories is done just polishing and preparing for ebook and print!

Well, anyway here is what I got:

As you can see I got good stuff for my Birthday!
Thank you for all your love to me!
OK so coming soon Haunted Bedtime Stories, Stay tuned!

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Faboo Ties!

OMD so in the post this week Mrs. Samantha gave this to me! OK so as you all know I do love PINK a tiny bit! I just love this it's so cute and it makes me look very posh!

I love to share all my tips of cool anipal stuff! 


What can I say! I look FABOO! So will you too in this tie! TATA for now!



Time for us all to start singing! So many anipal Birthdays this month! It's going to be a Faboo time!

Here we go Birthdays so go say Hi & Happy Birthday to each of them!

Ody my baby brofur, you know him as OdyMaltese on twitter! Aug. 14.

Snoop one of my dearest furiends who I have known so long! MisterSnoop on twitter! Aug. 13.

Princess Gwenie me too! Aug.18

I have a prizzie coming from SugarChic she hopes. It was ordered over a month ago & fears we will never get it. Hmm If you have bought stuff from them let me know how it went. I will show you my Birthday stuff when and if it comes.

I am still trying to cure Blondie. I have a busy 4 day weekend with my family. I hope to get her book out in next 2 weeks! So lets get ready to read! Haunted Bedtime Stories is a collection of real cool stories with ghosts! Not all real scary! So until her next book is out all her profits from Dust of Tombstone will go to an anipal charity!

So whats up with you? Holiday pics? Reading anything cool? 

Me taking care of my Blondie! I love her! TaTa for now!