Hi everyone! How are you this #Marvelous Day? OK so we showed stuff to our Mum's how about stuff for us! Here are three of my fave places online to shop! All cool! All good! We deserve cool stuff too!

http://www.nipandbones.com/dog-supplies_dog-toys.html  WOW all kinds of Stuff for Puppy's & Kitteh's! I got my best, favorite ball from here & my way cool Jogging Jacket too!

http://www.vegasrockdog.com/   Super cool Rock Stuff! Love the ties!

https://www.sugarchiccouture.com/   Posh things we all need!

So have you had a chance to see the teaser of the book cover? It looks Faboo! You Know Muffy's Mum made it. She is a talent artist. 

http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/ghostofthewind  go see & comment please!

http://www.natalieannsilva.com/index.html  you can see Natalie's cool work here. 

I will see you today on twitter! So now its time for Tea and to relax! So Shop till you drop furiends! Ta Ta for now!

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  1. mai human haz sum of those same kinda china wiv da flowers an stuff all ovar it. They iz pritty for a tea pawty Gwenie *pawhug*