Weekend trip!

Hi everyone! I had a long weekend on road trip! I went to Phoenix! A book shop will be carrying my Mums book! So cool!
Well, back here in Tucson you must come to her Books signing! Yes, I said book signing! You can get the book then & a bookmark too! So come & see her on Oct. 8th between 6-8 pm. It will be at The Source on Speedway. Hope you come, if you ask her maybe I can come too! She will sign your book & chat to you! I will be sure she takes pictures!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

So what are you doing?


  1. Wow that sownds like an xciting weekend! Iz can't wayte fur da book sining pawty!

  2. Oh Gwenie those are such great pictures of you. You are so photogenic and happy!! i wish i could come to the book signing. I hope your mom has to sign lots of books!!