Mission make Mum's Famous!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Me I did good got loads of great toys. Sadly no diamond collar this year. I was told she has to be a famous writer before I can get one. Well, I kind of thought she was. But I was wrong. I guess I think that she is cuz she is my Mummy & I love her.
So this year I will make her famous. I would kindly ask all anipals who read her book go check the like button and have Mum or Dad write a great review saying you loved it. I know you did cuz so many of  said so to me! So our anipal mission this year make Mum's famous. So if your Mum writes, makes things what ever let's make them famous. OH and always review positive things to for them. Let's face it they take such good care of us. I will also pass on any link for you to make Mum's Famous here on blog or on my twitter! So let me hear from you!
Rag's Mum great writer. Missy's Mum is an expert on olden people care. Mizz Bassie's Mum OMD the necklace I got is faboo beyond words! Oh and Daffy's Mum can make you the best Stationary you ever wrote on. 
So you know where to get gifts. Go shop and pass on the links. Because we are anipals and we support each other! Thank you all so much for your love to me and your help!

Happy New Years! We are gonna make the Mum's Famous!


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    Te espero com alegria.
    FELIZ 2012!!
    Aus com amor da amiga do Brasil...


    1. OK! Sorry I don't understand your bark but Follow this cool lady!